Monitoring progress

Reviews are a vital part in the financial planning process.

Continuous contact with you enables a thorough understanding of your affairs allowing us to identify at the earliest opportunity when change is taking place.

This is one of the reasons our ongoing advice service is so valued.

The service is only effective when there is a clear understanding of a client’s personal, family and financial ambitions.

The comprehensive and consistent nature of Rathmore Financials’ review process highlights new needs, predicts where changes need to be made and helps keep the plan on track.

  • Reviews at least annually.
  • An update and appraisal of a client’s affairs.
  • Highlight any new needs or shortfalls.
  • An assessment of an investment portfolios’ asset allocation so it remains attuned to a client’s tolerances.
  • Support and guidance during periods of market uncertainty and volatility.
  • Ongoing and open access to Rathmore’s appropriately qualified financial planners.
  • Where relevant, the provision of cash flow analyses.
  • If applicable an income or withdrawal strategy sustainability assessment.
  • Administration of a client holdings including the servicing of withdrawals.

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