Professional Connections

Are you part of a professional organisation looking to develop a connection with an experienced and specialist team of independent financial advisers?

Rathmore Financial has, over the years, built up long-standing relationships with accountants, solicitors, professional deputies and mortgage advisers in Bristol, London and the South East.

In each of these relationships, we have been able to offer our expertise and experience, as part of a joint effort to formulate solutions for the sole benefit of our mutual clients.

Our advisers recognise the value of working with other professionals, as this can only enhance the customer experience – adding further depth to the service provided.

Our areas of speciality include:

Trustee Services

Our advisers have an in-depth knowledge of Trustee roles and responsibilities. We also have an adviser who holds the STEP Certificate for Financial Advisers – Trust and Estate Planning.

This in depth knowledge of the various forms of taxation imposed on different investment products within the various types of Trust that are commonly used in today’s market, allows us to tailor the most suitable investment solutions for a Trust and the wider beneficiaries when they become entitled.

We are able to review existing Trustee investment solutions to assess if they are still fitting. Changes to taxation and trustee legislation may mean that new solutions are a better fit.

We can also provide advice at the point of establishing a Trust, whether that be for capital preservation, income or capital growth.

Court of Protection & Personal Injury

Rathmore advisers have the experience and knowledge required to manage the financial assets of Personal Injury Trusts and for Court of Protection financial planning.

Within each of these areas we are able to call upon our extensive pool of resources to ensure that solutions have a positive impact, where possible.

If engaged early in the process, we are also able to overlay our cash flow planning tools, to assist with calculating a suitable capital value that should be claimed via the courts – allowing for a long term sustainable income stream.

Attorney and Deputyship Services

With advisers carrying the SOLLA Later Life and Retirement qualifications, and Floyd Fombo being Bristol’s longest serving independent SOLLA adviser, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience assisting individuals and professionals alike when acting as an attorney or deputy.

Offering robust solutions, that are stress tested with detailed cash flow analysis, we can provide the reassurance that Professional Attorneys and Deputies require. Our experienced professionals also have an understanding of the state benefit system and how best to utilise this to the advantage of the mutual client where necessary.

If you think your organisation’s expertise could fit well with ours please contact us.

Do note the following:

The FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) does not regulate legal services.

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